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The Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering is well equipped with high end design and analysis laboratories which are used extensively by the students and faculty members for their curriculum and research activities.

The following is the list of labs in ECE dept:

  • Basic Electronics Lab
  • Electronics Circuits Lab
  • Integrated Circuits Lab
  • Microprocessor and Microcontroller Lab
  • Communication Lab
  • Systems Lab
  • Centre for Research and Innovations in Signal Processing (CRISP)

Students of early semesters will be practicing their lab session in circuit theory, basic electronics and circuit`s lab .These lab consists of all types of active/passive components, measuring instruments, cathode ray oscilloscope, audio oscillators, function generators and various types of decade boxes. 

Experiments in the IC lab help the students to get exposure about the analog ICs and Digital ICs performances and applications. It helps the students to design the given specification and requirements and also to check for the functionality.

Microprocessor and Microcontroller   lab is equipped with programming kits in Intel Atmel & Microchip processors which creates a practical idea in coding the processor and controller in assembly language. It helps the students to know the methods of interfacing techniques of various peripherals like floppy drive, keyboard etc.

Communication lab includes digital and analog communication which helps the students to get a practical exposure in microwave theory, modulation techniques and sampling process etc. The laboratory is equipped with various microwave test benches, satellite communication kits, CRO (Digital Storage Oscilloscope).

The DSP Laboratory helps the students to have an idea in processor programming and also to implement the logic codes. The laboratory has about 30 systems and 40 processor kits.  Special tools like MODELSIM, XILINX , MATLAB, etc  enable the students to design, analyze , simulate and even compare results with existing industrial standards. 

Centre for Research and Innovations in Signal Processing (CRISP)

Signal processing techniques have come to occupy centre place of importance in engineering and technology as evidenced by the plethora of electronic devices available in the market and which employ simple to complex signal processing operations. This points to the opportunities available for signal processing

The centre has facilities such as:

DSP kits like TMS 320C6713, TMS 320C6416, Digital storage oscilloscopes, function generators etc.

For simulation purposes, ANSOFT simulation software, Multisim software and PCB design software are also available

Additional facilities include ARM microcontroller kits and OMAP boards

Some of the research activities in progress in the research centre include:

  1. Transforms  of signals for image compression and transmission.
  2. Digital beam forming for mobile communication

The centre has also conducted workshops on MATLAB and ANSOFT simulation software.  Workshops on ARM microcontrollers and Multisim software are also scheduled to be conducted in the near future.

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